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Rental rates as of March 1, 2018 for the palace and meeting room are as follows:

8 hours - $400.00 + $100.00 damage/cleanup refundable deposit
4 hours - $ 175.00

In winter, if heat is required in the palace, there will be an extra charge of $50.00.

These rates also include an additional 4 to 6 hours setup time. If you require more time, you will be charged accordingly. You must be cleaned-up by noon the following day. All tables and chairs are included as well as the kitchen. If you are serving liquor, you must obtain a permit as well as liquor liability insurance, making sure the Odessa Agricultural Society is named as an additional insured.

Also you must take your garbage with you. If you do not, we will cash your clean-up cheque.


To rent the palace or the meeting room, please contact

Connie Ferguson at this email: fergusonconnie2(at)gmail.com or 613-386-5134

Note: Please replace the (at) in the above email with the usual @. We've done this to help prevent junk emails.

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